Get Connected!

Everything’s looking “a little bit different”, if a little bit different means “not at all what you expected”.
There’s a lot more time spent on your own this year, to protect you and everyone around you.
Just because it’s for a good reason, doesn’t mean it’s any easier to deal with, and it can result in feelings of isolation and loneliness.
Luckily for you, we’ve got some things that might help you make some new friends and feel a bit more connected.

AUBSU provide a wide range of activities, events and support many student groups that you can join. There’s something for everyone, take a look:

Clubs, Societies and Networks

Our clubs, societies and networks are led by students and cover many different topics and interests.

Although many of them aren’t meeting face to face at the moment, they’re still holding online sessions and remote socials, and they’re a great way to make new friends.

You can see the full list of all the list of our Clubs, Societies and Networks on our website.


The Small Things Matter

Self-care is as important as making new friends; to get through this pandemic, you need to look after yourself like you’d look after your best mate. But where do you start?

The Small Things Matter has got plenty of tips and advice for you, including a wellbeing journal to guide you through your year at AUB.

Join us every Monday online, where your President and Vice President host our Monday Mood livestream on Facebook and Instagram to chat to you about wellbeing and self-care.

Pop into one of our workshops across the year, to have some creative quiet time.

We even made some handy wellbeing resources for you to use whenever you like.


Missing Friends?

If you’re missing your group of friends, why not suggest a time to get together (remotely) and play some games? Just because you’re separated by distance, doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with each other.

We’ve written an article specifically for this, including games like Scattergories, Taskmaster, and Balderdash, or you can create together using the online drawing tool !

You can also make a collaborative playlist with your friends on Spotify, so even if you’re not chatting 24/7, you can still have a positive reminder and connection through your favourite tunes.

(Pssst! Among Us is a free game on your mobile at the moment, and really fun to play with friends)


Go on a (Virtual) Adventure

You might be self-isolating, but that’s not an excuse to visit the same old website, or to refresh your usual feed every other second.
Try exploring some of the following links and see where you end up!




Connect with Kindness

Helping other people can help you feel more connected with the community around you, and you don’t even have to leave your room!

We’ve written about how you can volunteer in the local community and for national campaigns during the pandemic. If you want to know about more opportunities, follow our Activities Hub to connect to our volunteering community.

If the state of the world also has you feeling low, why not take some small steps towards action and join a cause to help the community around you?
You can make sure that you’re registered to vote, you can write to your MP about issues that are important to you, and read some resources on Anti-Racism to get you started.
Helping your community makes you feel part of something bigger, and can often help you to make friends with people who are advocating for the same cause as you.


It’s a challenging time right now, and there’s no easy answer to any of the big questions.
If you’re finding it difficult to cope, there are lots of people and places that can support you.

AUB Student Advice
On-campus wellbeing and counselling support just for AUB students.
You can contact them by emailing, or book a wellbeing appointment with

Steps 2 Wellbeing
A free, confidential, NHS service. They offer a range of treatments for people experiencing problems with low mood/depression, anxiety, stress or other common mental health problems.

A 24/7 phone helpline for people of all ages in Dorset who are experiencing mental health issues and need support.

Black Minds Matter
A organisation to support accessible healthcare for Black People in the UK.

An organisation that provides free phone consultations and support for LGBTQI+ people across UK

And if you ever want someone to chat to, or don't know where to start, give us a shout at