Green Week: Reducing your environmental footprint

Reducing our environmental footprint 

It’s Go Green Week at AUB! Go Green Week is all about thinking about the ways we can help ease the hurt on the planet and take responsibility for our own environmental footprint. Naturally, this can be quite hard when we don’t know what our footprint is or the factors that are considered in its calculation.

Enter: WWF’s online carbon footprint calculator. If you do one thing this Go Green Week it’s taking this quiz. It’s the first step (pun intended) to understanding sustainability and the issues that affect it. So take it now!


And just to make this blog post a bit more worthwhile to read, here are our top 5 tips for reducing your environmental footprint…


  • Try using energy-efficient bulbs for a start! They last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs but 80% less power.

Food Waste

  • Did you know that oat milk is one of the most sustainable milks you can buy, in terms of carbon footprint and water-usage? We love it in our coffees and with cereal!  


  • Our absolute favourite thing is a coffee lip/body scrub. You can make it with used coffee grounds which not only smells delicious but is zero-waste! Check our recipe here.

Going Zero-Waste

  • We live in plastic world and it is really tricky to go fully zero-waste. We get that. But making some small switches go make a difference. Try using a bamboo toothbrush, buying loose veg and shopping for charity shops.

Ethical Shopping

  • Get clued up on your labels. Do you know what the Fairtrade label really means? Or what Fairwear is? There are so many labels out there and it’s important to know what to look for.


Want more? We’re doing a blog post for everyday of the rest of Go Green Week so you can get fully clued up, plus we’ll be on the courtyard at lunchtimes for the whole week with activities on these themes – come say hi and get involved!


Monday: Reducing your environmental footprint

Tuesday: Tackling food waste

Wednesday: Eco-bodycare workshops

Thursday: Zero-Waste Market

Friday: Fair and ethical shopping