How to practise global kindness

How to practise global kindness

This week we’re all about acts of kindness and one of the things that needs our kindness the most at the moment is the planet. Here are 5 ways you can be kind to yourself and others, while showing the planet some love.


Buy sustainable and local

Loads of small businesses are struggling at the moment and they’re also the ones that tend to be more sustainable too. By shopping locally you’re reducing your carbon footprint and by supporting independents you’re helping passionate creatives, their families and their staff!

Some of our favourite places local to Bournemouth are: Dirty Vegans, Almond & Co (zero-waste!), Bad Hand Coffee, Sunrise Organics and Roebridge Farm Shop.

But go out and explore the shops where you are if you’re not in Bournemouth at the mo!


Try some vegan recipes

Reducing your meat intake is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint! Why not try baking some vegan brownies and dropping them off to a friend who lives nearby? Or cooking a hearty vegan dinner for your family or housemates? Food is a universal gesture and you’ll make someone’s day by treating them or by removing the burden of cooking for a night!


Get green-fingered

Now we’re spending most of our time at home, loads of people have taken to plants to brighten up their space or as a positive hobby they can do. Plants are good for your mental health, as they connect you to nature, provide a relaxing hobby and teach you a new skill! And the more plants we have in the world, the better!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, there are loads of easy indoor plants you can adopt too! Try herbs in your garden, as they’re easy to grow, sensory and you can eat them! Inside, opt for succulents, which thrive indoors! Find more easy indoor plants to freshen up your home!


Volunteer your time

If you have a spare half an hour then you can dedicate sometime to volunteer for some global research initiatives. Projects need some helpful citizens to help with monitoring and counting of natural phenomenon, like penguins or planets!


Make some small household changes

Finally, you can make some small changes at home that’ll get you feeling positive about the difference you’re making to our planet. Try simple acts like taking a shorter shower in the mornings (which gives you more time too!), switching to waste-free products like loose fruit and veg or using shampoo bars, or opting for homemade, natural bodycare products over industry-produced. The change starts with you!