Meet AUBSU's President and Vice President



AUBSU is led by two full-time Sabbatical Officers - the President and Vice President - who are voted for each year by AUB students. 

March 2017 saw our most popular election to date, with more students logging on to cast their votes than ever before. The result? Two spankin' new Sabbatical Officers - Beth and Ezra - to lead AUBSU through 2017-18, and a brand new set of aims and objectives to focus on to make the AUB student experience even better!

So, what exactly are Beth and Ezra's plans for AUBSU this year? Here's a quick lowdown of just some of the things they hope to achieve this year with AUBSU...


Longer library opening hours

Through facilitating reasonable and competitive wages for staff, Beth and Ezra aim to pursue longer library opening hours on Fridays, with an  increased access to academic and course-related materials benefitting all students.


Tackling food prices

Beth and Ezra will be working with AUB's catering teams and providers to ensure that the food available on campus is not only great quality, but also affordably priced for students.


Increased vegan options

Again, through working closely with the University and catering providers, AUBSU want to ensure that vegans and vegetarians are catered for across campus - a simple side salad ain't gonna cut it!


Student artwork on display

Beth and Ezra have already commenced working with the University to introduce a dedicated gallery of student work, which will rotate on a termly basis. All students will be able to apply to have their work featured where members of the public, staff, and other students can view it.


University bar / social space

Student bars play an important role in students' social lives at university. Beth and Ezra aim to lobby the University for a pleasurable space where students will want to spend their free time and display their artwork.


Cross-university publication

We know that AUB students already have a knack for producing stellar university publications (just take a look at our award-nominated BUMF Magazine), but we want to build on this further. Beth and Ezra aim to introduce the first cross-university publication, allowing you and students from other leading arts establishments access to increased exposure, as well encouraging collaboration with students at other universities.


Gender neutral toilets

Equality is top of our priorities, and Beth and Ezra will be lobbying for more gender neutral toilets across campus - both in the existing buildings, and in the new builds proposed to extend the campus.


Got a question for the Sabbs, or have an issue you'd like raising with the University? Drop 'em an email at and!