New Year, New You?

New year is a time of ostentatious firework displays, Doctor Who specials and, of course, new starts. If you’re thinking of making some resolutions then read on for some tips on how to make them work for you


Before we begin, remember that a new year shouldn’t be about completely rewriting yourself. Reflect on the past year, but don’t forget that the “2019 you” got yourself through some tough times and ultimately got you to this point where you want to make a change. That’s a really important part of yourself and integral too. Be sure that your resolutions focus on self-development, rather than complete reinvention.


What should your resolutions focus on?


When you think of new year resolutions, you think new gym membership and getting into better shape after a month of mince pies. But it’s important not to solely focus on the physical. We recommend splitting your resolutions into three categories:

Body – working towards a healthy body is always a sound goal, but try and focus on getting active over counting calories. Finding activities you enjoy will make you want to exercise rather than seeing it as a chore.

Mind – this one often gets left out, but try and think of some resolutions to help your mental health, not just your physical health. Are you giving yourself enough time to relax? Do you need to declutter? Check you are winding down for bed well and adopt a relaxation exercise for stressful moments!

Play – resolutions shouldn’t just be a way to maintain health. Think up a goal that is for your personal development too. Have you been putting off trying a new hobby? Is there somewhere you wanted to visit this year?


Increase your resolution success rate


It can be really demotivating to fail at your goals, but this will be inevitable if you don’t make attainable goals to begin with! So think, are your resolutions: attainable and measurable? Instead of saying you want to read more, say you want to read one new book every two months. This gives you a measurable goal so you aren’t aiming for the moon. It also allows for the everyday and your course deadlines by setting two months instead of the one month. If you exceed your goals, then amazing, but allow yourself some leeway so your goal isn’t too much of a challenge.    


Consider the journey, not just the goal


The best way to reach a goal is habit development. That’s making small changes in your everyday to help you work towards the bigger goals. If you want to eat healthier then give yourself more time to cook in the evenings, or dedicate a Sunday afternoon to meal prep. If you make this part of your routine you won’t struggle to keep it up or be as likely to trip up and get a take-out when you get busy.


Be kind to yourself


No matter how attainable our goals, life happens. We can’t predict our moods or unexpected challenges and sometimes things get in the way of our goals. That’s okay. Be kind to yourself if you feel that you aren’t achieving your resolutions. Remember, you can always reset or readjust.


Happy resolution making! We’ll leave you with a few ideas for resolutions to get you going…


  • Spend less time glued to your phone
  • Eat veggies with every dinner
  • Take the stairs (or whatever little changes you can make to get a bit more active!)
  • Volunteer! (You can find volunteer opportunities here)
  • Have a ‘one-in, one-out’ rule for new clothes to help you cut down
  • Get a bed-time routine, including a set time and an hour to wind-down beforehand


Keep talking and keep an eye on the official aubsu_matter Instagram for more content over the year, especially about worry and anxiety. 


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