Re/Freshers 2020



Monday 13th - Saturday 18th January 2020


Looking for an awesome way to kickstart the New Year with AUBSU? Maybe you’re wanting to take part in a new society, or finally jump into one of our Give it a Go sessions – Re/Freshers 2020 is the perfect opportunity to try new things and tackle the new year head on. 


What is Re/Freshers?

Exactly what it says on the tin - it's the chance to feel like a fresher again because we are bringing back taster week round two. We’ve collaborated with some of the cool clubs, societies, and networks that (fun fact) are all student run! We've arranged this handy little week to give you a chance to explore and decide what you’d like to get involved in. Don’t worry though – you don’t have to commit to anything (we’re not that clingy) and you can always jump into a new opportunity whenever you want throughout the year!


How can I get involved?

That’s the easy part – you just show up! There may be a few activities that require tickets or booking online, but we will list those out below.


What if I want to go to two things that clash?

During the week, some of the taster sessions will actually run differently to when that particular club/society meets up. Where can you go to check that information you ask? Just check our full club/society/network list here to get all those fire details:


What about Give it a Go, what’s that?

We're are glad you asked! Give it a Go is a fun little programme (funded by Sports England) that gives students the opportunities to take part in some pretty awesome weekly sessions for just £2. These include: Boxing, Fencing, HIIT Fitness, and Strength & Balance. We're are also organising a new campaign called 30 x 3, which means if you do 30 minutes of exercise as part of GIAG, you can collect stamps, which in turn means you can get some prizes! Want to get involved? Just turn up with £2 and take part – it’s really easy.


Where can I get tickets for the sessions that need them?

Some of our taster sessions will require tickets in order for you to attend. To grab these, just visit our tickets page - here. 


Nothing is compulsory, it’s all optional – your studies will always take priority, but it’s always nice to have something fun on the side, right? Don’t forget – there are lots of ways to get involved at AUBSU, including democracy, events, and volunteering opportunities – just jump in and have fun.


Want to know what is happening for Re/Freshers? Check out the timetable below: