The Small Things Matter: Replanting Yourself

We’re not gonna lie, moving away to a strange new town for university can be tough.


It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong yet or that you’re lonely. Many people feel homesick, whether they admit it or not, and the shock of being in a new place surrounded by different people and situations can feel overwhelming.


AUBSU and Student Services have come together to create a series of wellbeing-themed days and workshops with the aim of providing support and information for those who want it. This months’ is focused on the subject of replanting (because you’re replanting yourself in a new town, get it?), and included a cactus repotting workshop with a selection of useful advice from Student Services’ wellbeing team.


Missed the workshop? Here's the key takeaways:




  • Don’t believe you “should be doing better”. We’re all different, and we all settle at different times and in different ways
  • Fear and doubts are normal to experience in new situations
  • You’re not the only one – 1,000 new students at AUB are also in the same boat as you
  • There are no right or wrong questions, or big or small concerns. Student Services have heaps and heaps of information ready to be dished out as and when you need it
  • Check your expectations – you will have good days and bad days. It’s ok to have days where you don’t feel ok, and its unrealistic to expect to be on top form every single day
  • Self-awareness if your friend. Find a safe place and take some time out to do some mental inventory. Taking note and being more aware of how you are feeling and will help you identify any possible areas of concern before they even happen
  • Be kind to yourself and to others who may be feeling the same. You are in the process of a big life change, and being kind and supportive of yourself will help you adjust to big changes
  • Asking for help is a healthy part of ‘adulting’
  • Feeling safe and comfortable can take time and several attempts. Its ok if things don’t instantly feel ok




  • Eat your greens, get yourself into a good sleep schedule, and drink lots of tea (herbal teas are especially kind to us)
  • Focus a bit of time on making your new house/flat a ‘home away from home’
  • Get the recipes for some of your favourite meals and plan a few evenings where you can have a quiet evening cooking with some housemates (or on your own, that’s cool too)
  • Find your nearest coffee shop and make it your go-to
  • Try not to isolate yourself, and keep doing things that you enjoy. Feel like switching things up? Try something new! We have plenty of clubs & societies to keep you occupied, as well as Give it a Go sessions which allow you to give new sports and activities a whirl
  • The outdoors, physical activities, and mindfulness techniques are great for us. Take a walk or cycle along the seafront, or try out a yoga session
  • If you find you are struggling with negative thoughts or that things are getting out of hand, talk to Student Services. They have a fantastic team of counsellors who work with them and are fully trained to help with any issue you may bring to them. Plus they're all totally lovely. Bonus.


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