What's my next step? Careers support after AUB


What's my next step? Careers support after AUB


As part of our ‘Monday Mood’ Livestream series throughout Lockdown, this week’s was all about how to navigate next steps out of AUB and what support is on offer from AUB Careers. Alison gave us some key advice for questions you might be facing, that we thought we’d pop into this blog for you to refer to when you need it!


I’ve finished Uni, how do I stay proactive whilst looking for work during lockdown?

Have a story to tell! Though we are in lockdown and the jobs market is impacted, this won’t be forever, opportunities will open up again and when that time comes, what story will you tell? It doesn’t have to be big things, but some initiatives that you’ve taken in this time to keep creating, connecting and collaborating. Perhaps you could form an online project with friends, or find voluntary opportunities you could take up that would link in to what you are hoping to do later, charities for example, are very interested in utilising creative skills.


I’ve made plans for my future, I know what I want to do, but what if I can’t find that job right now?

If you know what you want to do with your future, that’s really positive and many won’t feel this way! Don’t lose sight of that dream or goal, let it direct you, but if it’s not a reality right now then you’ll need to approach things more flexibly.

Look at your skills and build your confidence. What could you do in the meantime? When you consider your dream, what else will you need to get there? Many roles require a number of skills that you won’t yet have, but can begin to build on, even in this time! For example, to become a professional Artist you may well need to promote, network, and fundraise. To begin exercising these skills you could utilise Linked-in-learning, practice software skills, take relevant free online courses, all to build a portfolio of your story. Once you are feeling a bit more confident in yourself (on a good day!) and have something professional online profile to show- then reach out. 

How do you look online? Use this time to review your professional brand and online presence, remember to keep your professional separate from your personal. Consider how you will drive people to your website? You can access platforms like Artsthread and Dribbble, employers use them! Make links with communities that share your passions and ideas. It’s helpful to talk to people who are already doing the type of job that you want to be doing. People love to talk about themselves and share their experience, so don’t worry about bothering them! 


What steps can I take to equip myself and be confident for a future career?

Put your doubts in their place. Some of us may experience a sense of doubt about our accomplishments, and even internalise this fear with a sense of “Imposter Syndrome”- feeling like a fraud in what you’re doing. But we do have ability to reshape how we see ourselves and curb that negative spiraling self talk, which is particularly easy to fall into right now! “I’ll never find a job i like”... “im not good enough to share my stuff”... “lockdown is too hard to make any progress in”. To help ourselves, we need to try and reframe our worries and remember reality; things are not perfect, and they wont be, but this is one area i can improve or do something.

Collate your evidence to build your confidence. You have achieved so much already through uni life, projects, collaboration and now getting through Lockdown! Look at your achievements from the last few years, and you can make it visual! Check out the river timeline idea.

Keep your community close: Talk to friends and family, ask them what they think you’re good at? Build a picture of yourself so that you can be confident in what you can offer.


How can AUB Careers help me?

AUB Careers provide events, courses and workshops for AUB students throughout the year, including specific careers support, guidance and alumni advice. 


AUB Careers Links Library

This platform has jobs, events / webinars and careers resources including how to consider freelancing, setting up a busy and CV writing support. 

Current students can register here

New Graduates and Alumni register here.


  • FREE 1-1 appts with AUB Careers Team

Meet with Alison Zorraquin or Emily Rogers for any career related matters, feedback on a profile, career guidance and practical support. 

You can do this on the AUB Advantage site via the “Appointments” tab or email careers@aub.ac.uk. These sessions are accessible on Teams and Zoom.


  • Webinars

1.    Clowning & Improvisation Laboratory – feel confident presenting yourself!

2.    Creative Job Hunting – ways of accessing opportunities

3.  Breaking into the Creative Industry – A talk from Next Shoot video Production Company


  • AUB Careers Social media platforms

Facebook: AUB Careers Service

Instagram AUB Careers

AUB Careers Website 


Practical Tips

  • Set SMART goals- make them specific, measured and realistic.

  • Align your CV to each job you go for, not sure pummeling generic CV’s at lots of jobs! Beware of CV writing service companies, which can be pricey and not always personalised. Have a 1-1 with Alison instead!

  • Use Linked In to set up an online profile, you only need your most recent and relevant grades- A-level + 

  • Graduates have 1 year access to Linked -in-learning

  • Try using TSTM strengths self identifier worksheet

  •  Visualise your strengths and build your story in this waiting time, you might find it helpful to draw a river timeline!
This article has been brought to you by Hannah, as part of The Small Things Matter, a wider mental health campaign put together by AUBSU. We'd love to hear any feedback you have on our blogs, or the topics you’d like us to cover. Check out TSTM instagram @aubsu_matter for regular updates and TSTM page for more content. If you feel that you need further support relating to mental health, please contact Student Services or some other places we'd recommend.


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