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When? Thursday of the month, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Where? F005, (off the courtyard, right side of AUB Library entrance)


Why is Improv important for all?

Whether you intend to be in front of the camera, on stage or behind the scenes or just want to delve into acting you will need the life skills to improve your life experiences and job opportunities when you leave Uni. 

We teach and practice our skills through physical and verbal games. You will listen, watch and take part – you will make mistakes, and usually find that those mistakes create the best improvs. Learning to be free to make mistakes will help you to be the best you.


Imrov skills will develop:

Networking– Improv will give you the confidence to meet with strangers and engage with them. 

Creativity– Being able to think on your feet will help you stand out. 

Persuasion and collaboration– Improv can teach you how to work with others and help develop either their ideas or your own in a team environment. 


Finding ways to adapt your style to work well with others is a key factor in Improv. Improve will improve your reaction time in learning new things, giving you a competitive edge in everything you do.

All we promise is an opportunity to have fun with people, like you, learning how to either; think and react on their feet, deliver a witty repartee, keep a conversation going or just as important make a friend or two!