The following links will take you to guides and information on anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.
We've shared some of these on our Instagram stories, and we will continue to share more when we find them


@das.penman – George Floyd: How Can I help from the UK?


@mireillecharper – 10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship


@practicalmyth – 5 points to consider before going to a black lives matter protest in the London or UK


@munroebergdorf – A Guide to White Privilege


@vicelife – Self-Care Tips for Black People Who are Struggling With This Very Painful Week


@farmacyforlife – Self-care tips for black people feeling overwhelmed by the media


@theconsciouskid – Structural Racism vs Individual Racism


@das.penman – Racism & the UK: What they didn’t teach us in school


@aublibrary – Anti-Racism Resources in Your Library


@galdemzine – What to do if you can’t protest on the street for Black Lives Matter


@officialmillenialblack – Keeping up the anti-racist momentum after the news cycle


@vibesofablackgirl – How to use white privilege to stop racism


@lily.somerson – Here are ways non-black people can socially transition into a long-term movement


@jenerous – How to talk to your family about racism


@miz_cracker – What to say when people deny the reality of what’s happening right now


@wastefreemarie – How to respond to common racist statements


@aubsu – Supporting the QTPOC community during Pride


@officialmillenialblack – For exhausted black womxn


@holidayphillips – 5 things that aren’t allyship and what you can do instead