AUBSU FAQs: COronavirus




Is The Union open?

The Union office will be closed until further notice, following the University update on Friday 20th March.
We will be available to contact through the regular channels:


Instagram: @aubsu

Facebook: @aubsu


Are Events still running?

We have cancelled all face-to-face events and activities until further notice.
We will be providing activities and resources online where we can, particuarly for our wellbeing campaign The Small Things Matter.
You can keep up to date with The Small Things Matter on the instagram @aubsu_matter


What are AUBSU doing?

AUBSU are prioritising student wellbeing and health during this time, as well as representing your voice to the University.
We will be focusing on providing online resources for:
- The Small Things Matter
- Activities to help you stay connected
- Give it a Go: Exercises for limited spaces


Clubs and Societies


What's happening with Clubs, Societies and Networks?

Club, society and network sessions and meetings will not be running until further notice.
We have cancelled all bookings with venues and instructors.

What should we do instead?

The community and social interactions that these groups provide is essential to wellbeing and help you to feel connected.
We're strongly encouraging all groups to engage with online/digital activities amongst their groups, where possible.

I'm in the committee: How do we hold our AGMS?

We will be sending out guidance on how to hold your club, society, or network AGM online.
Look out for an email from our Activities and Communities Coordinator.




Are there any activity groups running?

All our activity groups meetings and related events have been cancelled, including:
- Raising and Giving
- Green Team
- Volunteering

These groups may continue to make plans online and digitally (such as BUMF), but will not be meeting face-to-face for the forseeable future.


What should I do instead?

We will be posting various activities and online resources for you to get involved in, including five-minute volunteering.
Our Green Team also recently created a Green Zine, which you can read and support here.
It was recently our Go Green Week, and there are some blog posts (inlcuding some eco body recepies for you to try out) on our website, check them out!


Give it a Go


What's going on with Give it a Go?

Give it a Go sessions will not be going ahead; we have cancelled all venues and instructors until further notice.
We will be posting online activities and resources for you, including how to exercise in limited space, with things you can find around the house.
It might not be a top-quality gym weight, but we've got more than one use for a tin of beans.




How can the small things matter help me?

We've got a bunch of resources on our website for The Small Things Matter, which can help with self-care, staying connected, and helping you keep a positive mindset.
Head over there to see what activities you can get up to, maybe even print off some of the journal pages to complete and fill in.




How are you still representing students?

The Sabbatical Officers are still hard at work, sitting on Committees and Boards across the Unviersity to make your voice heard, as well as meeting regularly with the Unviersity Leadership Team to learn the most up to date information about University action and direction.

AUBSU will endeavour to bring you updates and to keep on making sure students are represented throughout all levels of AUB.




What if I want to apply for mitigation?

Information about mitigations can be found on the AUB intranet.
We can guide you to the mitigation process and chat to you about it if you contact us on


What if I want to appeal a mark I receive?

We have a booklet on the appeals process; take a look at it here.



See below for links to people and information that may be able to help you with any other questions.


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Blurt Foundation: The Coronavirus Helpful Hub


How can you prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

Number one: Stay at home!

Practicing good respiratory hygiene can prevent a host of different infections.
Sneeze into tissues and discard these into a closed bin. 
Handwashing is also very important in killing viruses, preferably with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rubs or gels.

Because Coronavirus is a new illness, we do not know exactly how it spreads from person to person, but the virus is similar to others that are spread by cough droplets.