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How can the small things matter help me?

We've got a bunch of resources on our website for The Small Things Matter, which can help with self-care, staying connected, and helping you keep a positive mindset.
Head over there to see what activities you can get up to, maybe even print off some of the journal pages to complete and fill in.

See The Small Things Matter blog post on 'Stepping out of Uni in the face of uncertainty' here. 


Managing Isolation

It's a pretty big one at the moment and impacting all of us with the disruption of our regular routine. See our handy content and activities to help you manage this period of isolation here.

Here are some tips to help you manage isolation:

  • Try some social apps like Netflix Party and Houseparty to stay connected
  • Keep to a regular routine - get up at the same time, get showered and dressed even though you're staying inside
  • Reach out to people - you might be confident chatting to others but some people might need an invite or helping hand!
  • Keep active! You can still go out and excersise, or stay in and try one of our Give it a Go Shorts


Make your own Face Covering 

It has just been announced that as of Friday 24th July wearing coverings in shops will be compulsory. We’re all about being safe here at AUBSU so we thought we’d share some links and tips with you for how you can create your own face covering.

Making your own face covering out of reused materials (rather than buying single-use or mass-produced face coverings) is more sustainable and better for our planet! Plus, it allows for more creative freedom so you’ll be able to make the perfect covering for you.

See our blog post below on how to make your own face covering! 



See this handy video explaining why masks work better than you think from minutephysics. 





How are you still representing students?

The Sabbatical Officers are still hard at work, sitting on Committees and Boards across the University to make your voice heard, as well as meeting regularly with the University Leadership Team to learn the most up to date information about University action and direction.

AUBSU will endeavour to bring you updates and to keep on making sure students are represented throughout all levels of AUB.




What if I want to apply for mitigation?

Information about mitigations can be found on the AUB intranet.
We can guide you to the mitigation process and chat to you about it if you contact us on


What if I want to appeal a mark I receive?

We have a booklet on the appeals process; take a look at it here.