The Small Things Matter is a joint initiative between AUBSU and AUB Student Services to provide wellbeing support, advice, and workshops to students throughout the year. Each month has a different theme, and will combine practical online advice with on-campus interactive activities and workshops.




Moving away to university can be tough, and it takes time to re-root yourself in a new place. Click here to read our full article on re-rooting, featuring plenty of useful tips to help you settle into your new university life.




"Wait a minute! Isn't perfectionism a good thing?" we hear you cry. Actually, as it turns out, perfectionism is kind of, well, not a good thing. In fact, it can kind of be the complete opposite of a good thing. Click here to read our full piece on perfectionism and how you can break some of your perfectionist habits for the good of your mental wellbeing. 




What does the phrase ‘self-care’ make you think of? Does it make you cringe and avoid it at all costs, feel selfish and indulgent, or does it seem obvious and fairly futile to you? Click here to see what we have to say about self-care and why it's good for us, despite it's wishy-washy reputation.



'Outside the Lines' Competition


To encourage ourselves to think about perfectionism in our work we launched an 'outside the lines' competition with prizes up for grabs. We aked you to grab one of our entry flyers and create a piece of artwork that follows the theme of 'drawing outside the lines'. This competition has now ended but you can see some of the entries by searching the hashtag #AUBSU on Instagram.