We know most days the small things feel just that - small and insignificant. But the small things are actually the big things; a hug between friends, that kind word to someone feeling down, enjoying the sunset after a bad day.

The Small Things Matter campaign is all about supporting you, with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step for you, however small: every step you take is no step too small. Small steps have big impact.

You can find us out and about (usually on the courtyard) on the first Tuesday of each month talking wellbeing and sharing advice. Expect things like cactus repotting, cups of tea and self-care gifts!    

Not only do we have face-to-face events but you can find online support too. Keep checking in with this page for wellbeing resources and little things to help you with your self-care. 



While AUB is closed, we'll be bringing you daily content to help support you through isolation and social-distancing. Each day we'll bring you activities, tips and resources, which we'll post here online too - just click on the theme below to find out more:


Printable journal  RESOURCES


We've put together a pack of resources for each of month's theme, which you can download from each month's page (click above!). 

Want to take the online Give it a Go Quiz that we featured in November? Just click here to begin.

As well as the monthly resources, you can download and print these PDFs, taken from our Journal of Small Things: 

Weekly Habits Tracker

Annual Mood Tracker

Self-Care Plan

Plan Your Year Road Map

What Fills Your Cup?



Want more of an idea as to what we do during our wellbeing popups? Why not watch some of the videos we have made? 


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