We know most days the small things feel just that - small and insignificant. But the small things are actually the big things; a hug between friends, that kind word to someone feeling down, enjoying the sunset after a bad day.


'The Small Things Matter' campaign is all about supporting your wellbeing while you are a student at AUB. We provide you with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step in self care, however small: every step you take is no step too small.

Small steps have big impact.


How can I get involved?

Join the campaign online! You matter, so we want you to be involved! Follow everything we do, with up to date content and news on 'The Small Things Matter' official page @aubsu_matter!

Throughout the year you can find us face to face (usually on the courtyard) on the first Tuesday of each month focusing on a wellbeing topic with activities, giveaways and wellbeing tips. Expect things like cactus repotting, hot chocolate and self-care gifts!

We also run creative workshops throughout the year to give you a well earned break from work, boost your mental health and connect you with others. Last year we ran cooking, terrarium and macrame workshops- to name a few!

If you like your pets, you'll be happy to know we bring therapy dogs on campus termly... yep we really do bring you all the good things!


A Journal of Small Things

Working with Alumni Illustrator Beatrix Hatcher, we designed a journal to be a tool in your hands to explore more about yourself and what self care means to you.

So what's in it? It spans AUB's academic year, with monthly calenders, relevant topics, creative tasks and activities to inspire your self care. The topics we cover are relevant to your AUB year and will help you to make the most of your experience.

Journals are available for free from the SU Office (when open!). 


summer THEMES

While AUB is closed, we're bringing you summer vibes and support in managing isolation and social-distancing. Check out our resources below, including Monday Monday livestream re-watch links, blogs, activities and tips for this challenging time. Just click on the theme below where you want to find out more:



Printable journal RESOURCES

You can download and print these PDFs, taken from our Journal of Small Things 2019: 

Weekly Habits Tracker

Annual Mood Tracker

Self-Care Plan

Plan Your Year Road Map

What Fills Your Cup?



What do we get up to? Here's some highlights from some of our pop ups and workshops!


The Small Things Matter Instagram