If you could change one thing about AUB what would it be?

How about in your local community?

Perhaps you have a grand idea about how to change the world!
What do you want the future to look like?
No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you study here at AUB,
you probably have an idea that loads of people on campus would support.

AUBSU is here to help you make those ideas happen, so that you can create the future that you want to see.


How does change happen?

AUBSU is led by a team of Officers, who are elected by you, the students. Officers work together to make change happen for everyone studying at AUB. 


Who are the Officers? What do they do?

Led by the President and Vice President, the Executive Officer Team is a group of elected students, all with different jobs. There are loads of different, exciting roles to look at. We can guarantee there will be one just for you!

Check out your current Officer team and learn more about their roles here.
  • President
  • Vice President Education and Welfare


  • Communications Officers
  • Clubs & Societies Officer
  • Gender Equalities Officer
  • Green Officer
  • International Officer
  • LGBT+ Officers
  • Mature and Postgraduate Students Officer
  • Race Equalities Officer
  • RAG Officer
  • Students with Disabilities Officer
  • Volunteering Officer


How do you become an Officer?


Every March, AUBSU runs elections to choose who leads the SU for the next year. People who want to become Officers run a campaign telling students why they would be best for the role, and students get to vote for their faves. We also run By-Elections in October to fill in any remaining spots on the team for the year ahead.

Running in an election is fun and rewarding in its own right. You will be fully supported by AUBSU, who will provide training and advice along the way.

All the important info for writing about why you'd be good for a role is right here in our neat little manifesto guide. If you’re stuck for ideas to use in your campaign, why not have a go on our manifesto idea generator?

Nominating yourself isn’t the only way to get involved with making change happen at AUB: it’s important that you vote too! Every election is your chance to decide who leads AUBSU for the next year. 

Elections Timeline:


24th January - 23rd February

Nominations (AUBSU.co.uk)


23rd February

Candidate Briefing 12:30pm


1st March

Voting opens - 12pm


1st March - 4th March

Campaigning & Voting


4th March

Voting closes 2pm

Results - 4pm online



Pop into the office, give us a ring on 01202 363721, or drop us an email at elections@aub.ac.uk and we should be able to answer any questions you might have!