What's all the fuss about the elections?

As a democracy, the Students’ Union is run by elected officers.
All students are eligible for nomination regardless of age, mode of study, degree program or nationality. Additionally, all students are able to vote for who they think would be the best candidate for the position. 

There are two elections per year: the main election and the by-elections, held in March and October each year respectively, these elections are for all Sabbatical and Exec Committee positions.



There are two Sabbatical positions:

  • SU President
  • SU Vice-President: Education and Welfare

The President and Vice President are responsible for the day to day running of AUBSU and are the main representatives of students to AUB, NUS and the local community. As well as attending important University meetings and dealing with the concerns of students, they work to achieve their manifestos, a list of things they hope to achieve for students in their term of office. 

These are paid, full-time positions which means that, unless you have just graduated, you will be required to take a year out of study during your time in office. Your term in office will commence on July 1st and will last for one academic year. 

Find out more about AUBSU's current Sabbatical Officers, and their contact details, here.


part-time executive officer positions

The Executive Committee has up to 20 positions:

  • Communications Officers (up to 2)
  • LGBT+ Equalities Officer (up to 2)
  • Sports Officer
  • Community Officer
  • Gender Equalities Officer
  • Green Officer
  • Halls Officer
  • International Officer
  • Mature and Postgraduate Officer
  • Prep HE Officer 
  • Race Equalities Officer
  • RAG Officer
  • Societies Officer
  • Students with Disabilities Officer
  • Volunteering Officer

These positions are part-time which means that you will continue your studies alongside your committee responsibilities. Your role will never impede on your studies and your working hours will vary dependant on position, level of committment, and involvment with special SU events. Your role will officially start on July 1st (or October 20th if you are elected during the By-Elections) and last for one academic year. You must be a current student for the duration of your time as an exec member. 

Find out more about your current Exec here.

When are the next elections?




Find out more about the election and which positions are available here


Why should I nominate myself?

Has there ever been anything about AUB that you wanted to change?
Have you had a great idea and wanted to see it implemented?
Do you think you’re a good listener? A good leader?

Being an officer of AUBSU gives you a chance to get your voice heard, but more importantly it allows you the chance to represent other students. You will gain unique skills that are invaluable in future such as communication, representation, creative campaigning, organising events, negotiation and so much more.

You will also get to see an entirely different side to the University. Along with all other Officers you will attend training, participate in regular Executive Committee meetings and have the opportunity to go to conferences. 
Your opportunities to network will allow you to develop links with people you may never have had the chance to meet before – it will help you develop life skills and it is enjoyable at the same time.


I'm still not sure...

It's a big decision and we understand that you don't want to rush into it, so send us an email, give us a ring, or better yet, come and find us in the SU office and ask us what it's all about. We'd love to see you get involved.

01202 363721