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So, it's that time of year again where we ask you all to log into your AUBSU student account and vote for the candidates in the Student Elections. If you're new here, you might be feeling a bit confused on some of the terminology we use ~ such as RON, STV, or anything else alongside those lines...Well don't worry, because this whole section is going to explain to you about what to do when it comes to voting! 



How do i vote for a candidate?

It's a really simple and quick process, and you can do it via your desktop browser or your mobile device! 

  1. head to and log into your student account
  2. You'll be presented with a list of candidates in each role, just choose who you think would be good in that position (The person who you like the most would come first, and then you would choose your second and third choice after that) Yes - you can vote for multiple people!
  3. Once you've voted, you'll be presented with a summary of your choices, just click submit and you're all done!


What does ron mean?

In election terms, RON stands for - Re-Open-Nominations. If you don't think any of the candidates standing for that role are suitable, you can vote for RON. If in the event that RON wins, the role will then be open for nominations again, and the candidates can either run again, or new students can stand. It sounds scary - but it's not!


What does single transferable vote mean?

In a nutshell, you allocate your preferences to candidates until you are either indifferent to the remaining candidates (No Further Preferences or NFP) or you do not believe any of the remaining candidates are suitable for the post (Re-Open Nominations or RON)

For each available position you will see a list of names. You vote by putting your preferred candidate as your number one choice, then adding your second choice and so on until you have no preference between the other candidates. 

The votes are then counted in stages with the candidate polling the lowest votes eliminated at each stage. The votes for an eliminated candidate are then transferred to their voters’ next preferences. So your vote keeps on working for you even if your first choice was eliminated at the first stage! This means that a candidate in first place after the first stage of counting is not guaranteed to win as those second, third, fourth (etc.) choices may make a difference. 


Why is it important that i vote?

  1. AUBSU is your students' union: If you want something to change on campus or on your course, your elected student officers can make that happen by campaigning to the university – so make sure you vote for the right officer whose manifesto and policies align with what you want
  2. Making a Change: Officers at AUBSU can have a real impact on University life, and can help to get the ball rolling on big events and projects here at the University.
  3. Be represented in the way that you want: By voting for the candidates that you want on the AUBSU team, you can rest easy that your views are being represented in the way that you want. If you didn't vote, maybe Jerry would just run the whole students' union...and who knows what that little seagull could do with all that power!