We all know about red flags in relationships. We talk about them casually, but they are fundamental warning signs, which indicate that a person isn’t compatible with a healthy relationship.

Once we reflect on ourselves and understand that we deserve a nurturing relationship, based on mutual-respect, we shift from seeing bad behaviour as red flags to actual deal-breakers.

When looking at a potential relationship (this goes for all relationships, not just romantic ones), focus on seeking out green flags, not settling for some or no red flags.  


Green Flag checklist

These are all the positive aspects of relationships that you should be looking for. One person might not have them all but they will indicate the potential for a healthy relationship. You should still be mindful of the negatives in a relationship, though. No amount of green flags can make disrespect or abuse acceptable. 




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Understanding self-worth

It’s completely normal to feel that we need other people to feel loved, supported and validated. Low-self worth is one of the main reasons that someone might stay in an unhealthy relationship. We think thoughts like “This is the best it’s going to get for me”, “The good is worth enduring the bad for”, “I’d rather be with them than alone” and “Who else will love me?”.

If we unpack these feelings, then we usually find it’s our relationship with ourselves that needs improving. We feel that we don’t deserve, or won’t find, any better. However, a bad relationship can be more damaging to us than no relationship at all and foster these thoughts of self-doubt.

You deserve love. You deserve respect. You deserve appreciation.

Invest in yourself and start your journey towards self-love. It’s with this confidence that we set standards for the people around us, accepting only positive, uplifting and respectful relationships. You might need further support to get to this place – that’s okay! You’ll also need space and time to truly reflect and grow.



Further support



  • Codeword Scheme: Ask for Ani. If a pharmacy has the ‘Ask for ANI’ logo on display, it means they’re ready to help


  • AUB Student Support provide on-campus wellbeing and counselling support just for AUB students. You can attend a drop-in wellbeing session or book an appointment at their Reception or by emailing them: studentadvice@aub.ac.uk


  • Switchboard provide free phone consultations and support for LGBTQI+ people across UK


  • Over The Rainbow: provides sexual health services and support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community


For a full list of support services, click here